PWP Wrestling presents

 Canadian Studpuppy Wrestling #1

the Matches 

 Match #1

Custom Made Stud vs Marc Marre

 Match #2

Alex vs Custom Made Stud and Marc Marre

Match #3

Alex vs Marc Marre and Custom Made Stud 

Match #4

Pat vs Matt 

Match #5

Sean vs Dan

Match #6

Pat and Dan vs Matt and Sean


Match #1

Custom Made Stud vs Marc


The match begins with 'sexy' Marc using some dirty tactics to get the Stud on the mat. While face-down on the mat with one arm and one leg twisted behind him, Stud gets a gentle knee in the crotch.


The Stud quickly reverses the situation and puts our 'sexy' studpuppy into a vice-like headlock. Oh, can't you see those cauliflower ears growing...


 Its pay back time some more as Custom Made Stud puts Marc in a torturous bear hug.


 As you can see, our Stud is having his way with the 'sexy' studpuppy. Do you like this camel clutch Marc?


Here Stud puts a front headlock on Marc who has been worn down by Stud's constant barrage of wrestling punishment. 


After putting our hapless victim to sleep with a long and slow sleeper hold, our hero relaxes over the outstretched body of the defeated 'sexy' Marc.