PWP Wrestling presents

New Era Wrestling #2

Match #1

Louie vs Luke

Match #2

Pistol Pete vs Luke

Match #3

Louie vs Mick

Match #4

Pistol Pete vs Louie

Match #5

Mick vs Luke

Match #3

Louie vs Mick

Mick begins the match in control of Louie. Here he camel clutches our favorite 'Lean Machine'.

Louie suffers at the hands of Mick... eating the mat... but he seems to gain more strength the more punishment Mick dishes out!

This painful hold has Louie down but certainly not out... he is quick to demonstarte as he has Mick tightly wrapped up in a figure-four head scissors.

Louie relishes the control he has over Mick.

Mick finds his head being squeezed and squeezed by our 'Lean Machine'.

A full nelson which Louie...

...changes to an arm stretch... the knee in Mick's back adds pain to Louie's punishment of his opponent.

...but Mick is able to clamp on a sleeper hold... and just when it looked like Louie was out for the count, he surprises Mick (and Dan) by jumping up and heckling Mick about how weak his sleeper hold was.

A surprised Mick becomes easy prey for Louie's finisher... no matter what Mick does, he can't escape and eventually submits to the 'Lean Machine'.