PWP Wrestling presents

New Era Wrestling #2

Match #1

Louie vs Luke

Match #2

Pistol Pete vs Luke

Match #3

Louie vs Mick

Match #4

Pistol Pete vs Louie

Match #5

Mick vs Luke

Match #4

Pistol Pete vs Louie

Pistol Pete has put on some muscle and looks good and has learned a lot since his first 'visit' with PWP wrestling. Here he has Louie in a bone crushing head lock.

But Louie soon has Pete where he wants him... under his control in his camel clutch!

Then Pete reverses and has Louie in his own painful version.

But Louie soon has his opponent tightly wrapped up in a figure-four head scissors.

Pete comes back with a Boston Crab...

...and a punishing Bearhug...

...only to find himself tarpped in Louie's Boston Crab.

Repeated punishment by Louie soon has Pete gasping for air... exhausted Pete is paraded before the camera.

Louie decides to finish Pete with a long held sleeper.

It's all over for Pete... Louie domiantes once more!