PWP Wrestling presents

New Era Wrestling #2

Match #1

Louie vs Luke

Match #2

Pistol Pete vs Luke

Match #3

Louie vs Mick

Match #4

Pistol Pete vs Louie

Match #5

Mick vs Luke

Match #2

Pistol Pete vs Luke

This is a tightly fought battle. Both wrestlers take the advantage only to find themselves trapped by their opponent. Pistol pete has Luke in a side headlock.

Then Luke is quick to slap on a painful head scissors.

Then Luke has Pete down on the mat suffering from his painful hold.

Pete has Luke tightly wrapped up in a figure-four head scissors.

Pete now has Luke sucking the mat.

Luke finds himself trapped in Pete new surfboard hold.

But Luke is able to escape or maybe Pete just let him go... then Pete is...

...under Luke's control now as Luke puts the pressure on...

...he thinks he has the match won.

But our veteran Pete gives Luke an elbow to the jaw...

...and then decides to 'ride' Luke into victory.


A reluctant Luke must submit to our veteran Pistol Pete.