PWP Wrestling presents

New Era Wrestling #2

Match #1

Louie vs Luke

Match #2

Pistol Pete vs Luke

Match #3

Louie vs Mick

Match #4

Pistol Pete vs Louie

Match #5

Mick vs Luke

Match #1

Louie vs Luke

Louie is on top of Luke with a tight head scissors.

But Luke is able to slap on a side headlock which...

...our tough little guy gets out of and then puts Luke in a front headlock of his own.

Luke uses his own thighs on Louie's head. Louie tries desparately to break free...

...which he does and keeps Luke in a camel clutch long enough to soften him up for...

...his bone crushing figure-four head scissors.

The harder Luke tries to get out, the harder Louie squeezes...

...and squeeze he does...'Eat this punk'...

But Luke still has some energy left... Here he pulls Louie's hair while having him strapped in a camel clutch. It seems the more pain Luke gives Louie, the less it affects him.

Until Luke finds himself all wrapped up and ready for Louie's slow and methodical submission hold. Once he clamps it on, NO ONE has been able to escape... His opponents give up because they know they have no choice!