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the Matches 

 Match #1

Kid T.N.T vs Leon

 Match #2

JohnnyMax vs Sexy Steve

 Match #3

Kid T.N.T. vs Sexy Steve

 Match #4

JohnnyMax vs Leon

Match #5

Leon vs Sexy Steve 

MatAttack 2 

Match #2

JohnnyMax vs Sexy Steve

 JohnnyMax (and he is a very muscular guy) in his debut goes up against equally muscular Sexy Steve. Sexy wears a tank top throughout the match. Johnny is a muscle powerhouse, and enough to rival that of Steve. He soon goes to work on Steve showing off his power and skill to Steve. It's great to watch this guy and he's lots for Sexy to handle. A good chunk of this match is Johnny really manhandling the hunk Sexy Steve. Every time Steve thinks he's in command, Johnny muscles his way out of it and gets Steve back in trouble. An amazing rookie effort. Not many could handle Sexy Steve the way this guy did. You want sexy muscle guy action this is the one.

 JohnnyMax struts his stuff....

 ...but our Steve turns the table with an arm bar.

 But JohnnyMax reverses with a painful leg lock.

 The battle goes back and Steve puts the pressure on JohnnyMax.

 Steve uses his knee on Johnny's throat to soften him up...

 ...then proceeds to punish him with a headlock.

 But JohnnyMax reverses and plays with Steve on the mat...

 ...before he attempts to put our sexy boy to sleep..Will he succeed or will Steve come back??