PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches 

 Match #1

Kid T.N.T vs Leon

 Match #2

JohnnyMax vs Sexy Steve

 Match #3

Kid T.N.T. vs Sexy Steve

 Match #4

JohnnyMax vs Leon

Match #5

Leon vs Sexy Steve 

MatAttack 2 

Match #3

Kid T.N.T. vs Sexy Steve

 Kid TNT has great wrestling skill. His opponent, Sexy Steve is a big powerhouse who has wrestled a lot with PWP. TNT knows he has to wear the big guy down, and goes to work fast on Steve. Side headlocks, then head scissors all the time twisting Steve's big arms back as Steve screams in pain. TNT is a technician and has Steve suffering. But Sexy knows how to handle himself and look good doing it. A long held head scissors has TNT quitting the match. Steve poses his sexy self over TNT's limp body.

 The Kid is confident he can easily conquer Sexy Steve. Here he eye gouges our main man.

 But Sexy Steve evenually reverses and has the smaller wrestler in an arm bar.

 Steve loves to 'showboat' his body...

 ...and equally loves to dish out punishment.

 But this young ring veteran makes Steve suffer...

 ...legally and with illegal tactics as biting...

 ...and pulling Steve's lovely locks...not once or twice but again and agian and again.

 But Steve has a surprise in store for the will have to see for yourself, but the Kid suffers his first defeat at the hands of the Sexy One.