PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches 

 Match #1

Kid T.N.T vs Leon

 Match #2

JohnnyMax vs Sexy Steve

 Match #3

Kid T.N.T. vs Sexy Steve

 Match #4

JohnnyMax vs Leon

Match #5

Leon vs Sexy Steve 

MatAttack 2 

Match #5

Leon vs Sexy Steve

 Leon comes out posing, as he has just came off a win from one big muscle guy, and is about to meet another. They each take turns flexing their sexy bodies as they pour on the powerholds trying to wear eachother down. Powerful guys, with lots of big holds. Back and forth the momentum goes until Leon is slammed to the floor by Sexy for the win. Quite a battle for such an easy win.

 Confident with his victory over JohnnyMax, Leon attacks Steve before the bell rings.

 But our Steve has just defeated Kid TNT, the young man who has vowed to destroy ALL PWP wrestlers..., first with head scissors, then a painful neckbreaker...

 ...followed by a punishing headlock..Steve thinks he will have an easy victory.

 But Leon shows Steve what he is made of...

 ...and makes Steve suffer again

 ...and again...but our Sexy One has never really...

 ...lost he starts to finish Leon with his patented choke hold.