PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches 

 Match #1

Kid T.N.T vs Leon

 Match #2

JohnnyMax vs Sexy Steve

 Match #3

Kid T.N.T. vs Sexy Steve

 Match #4

JohnnyMax vs Leon

Match #5

Leon vs Sexy Steve 

MatAttack 2 

Match #1

Kid T.N.T vs Leon

 Leon is in his first PWP match against a tough guy, Kid TNT. TNT knows his stuff and is here to give Leon a lesson. They wrestle in muscle shirts for a change of pace. TNT learns quick that Leon has some size and skill, so he can't be taken lightly. They battle back and forth with some strong moves on eachother. TNT tosses a long held sleeper on Leon and he manages to eventually pound his way out of it and go to work on TNT. Surfboards, Fig-4's, and lots more with pounding and chokeholds. Leon eventually succumbs to TNT's wrath. These two are technical and rough. They have a great matchup.

 The Kid easily secures a head lock and brings Leon to the mat.

 But Leon eventually turns the tables on the 'pro'.

 First, a painful leg lock...

 ...followed by a vicious figure four which the Kid keeps on for a long time.

 A neat head scissors on the Kid.

 Does Leon's leg stretch that far? It does now!

 Neck and head tightly scissored.

 Leon does some torturing of his own.

One of Kid T.N.T's patented finishing moves..Will it succeed?