PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches 

 Match 1

the Magog Mauler vs Kid Q

 Match 2

Leo Grand vs Ironman

 Match 3

Leo Grand vs the Magog Mauler 

 Match 4

Kid Q vs Ironman

Tag Team Match

the Magog Mauler and Ironman vs Leo Grand and Kid Q 

Bonus Pics 

Mat Mayhem

Match #5

2 Tag Team Matches

Tag Team #1

the Magog Mauler and Ironman vs Leo Grand and Kid Q 

 These four guys go the distance. The bigger of them, Ironman and the Magog Mauler, against the musclehunks Kid Q and Leo Grand. Most of the time it's the big guys overpowering Q and Grand. And a lot of this matchup is spent with more than two guys fighting. Boston Crabs, bodyscissors, headscissors, nelsons and sleepers have these guys going a while. Two bouts and the first one has the big guys winning sleepering out their opponents simultaneously. The second bout is more aggressive than the first with plenty of powerful holds. Kid Q on Ironman, and Grand on the Mauler, together they hit the big guys with all they have and eventually win. Lots of action in this tagteam matchup.


Ironman and the Mauler


Leo Grand and Kid Q


The Mauler is all over the kid as he...


...continues his onslaught of the smaller man.


Now its the "Ironman' who taunts his victim.


Double teaming the Kid is fun for these guys.


The Bad Boys of PWP win the first match by double teaming and by...


...making sure our 'good guys use their heads...


...before its finally time to put them to bed!