PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches 

 Match 1

the Magog Mauler vs Kid Q

 Match 2

Leo Grand vs Ironman

 Match 3

Leo Grand vs the Magog Mauler 

 Match 4

Kid Q vs Ironman

Tag Team Match

the Magog Mauler and Ironman vs Leo Grand and Kid Q 

Bonus Pics 

Mat Mayhem

Match #4

Kid Q vs The Ironman

 These two went at it prior in the Bearhug Tape. Big, tall, handsome, built Ironman, and hot musclehunk Kid Q. They both have great bodies, and have lots of experience with PWP. The Ironman has a lot of holds he can hurt you with, he is tenacious and overpowering. Even for a muscle guy like Kid Q. With Ironman it's the headscissors you have to watch out for. Kid Q is subjected to a barrage of holds… a sleeper, followed by a nelson, followed by a sleeper, followed by a chokehold, followed by a sleeper, and he doesn't stop until Kid Q is out cold. The Ironman is a tough opponent to all.

The 'Ironman' is out for revenge... his defeat in the bear hug tape..


...and does his best to get the better of the Kid who has learned...


...a nerve hold that delivers excruciating pain...


...but the Kid doesn't have it in him... he succumbs first to a headscissor...

...and then to a sleeper...poor Kid Q.