PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches 

 Match 1

the Magog Mauler vs Kid Q

 Match 2

Leo Grand vs Ironman

 Match 3

Leo Grand vs the Magog Mauler 

 Match 4

Kid Q vs Ironman

Tag Team Match

the Magog Mauler and Ironman vs Leo Grand and Kid Q 

Bonus Pics 

Mat Mayhem

Match #2

Leo Grand vs Ironman

 These two are pretty evenly matched in size and physique. Ironman looks pretty sure of himself. He starts out with a big side headlock, and then a huge bearhug, but little hardbody Leo Grand pounds his way out of each of them. Grand then proceeds to work his bigger opponent over with a barrage of sleepers and choke holds slowing down Ironman. You almost think that he is having his way, but Ironman is only playing the victim and Grand soon suffers. First, a beautiful fullnelson, then a huge head-scissors. But Grand is determined to make his mark. Grand with a front facelock, then they trade scissors and sleepers. Ironman's sleeper is mean and Grand goes down. 

This is a more evenly fought...

...match with each opponent...

...securing punishing holds...

...and waiting for the first man... weaken... poor Leo...

...succumbs to PWP's newest bad boy.