PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches 

 Match 1

the Magog Mauler vs Kid Q

 Match 2

Leo Grand vs Ironman

 Match 3

Leo Grand vs the Magog Mauler 

 Match 4

Kid Q vs Ironman

Tag Team Match

the Magog Mauler and Ironman vs Leo Grand and Kid Q 

Bonus Pics 

Mat Mayhem

Match #3

Leo Grand vs the Magog Mauler

 The Mauler goes up against hardbody Leo Grand. The Magog Mauler handles himself well and shows his power throughout the match. Leo muscles various holds onto the big guy to slow him down. A test of strength shows Leo that the Mauler isn't going down easy. Anything Grand throws at the Mauler, he just powers out of. Leo Grand finally submits to the Maulers barrage of holds.


This is a more evenly fought...


...match and Leo shows he can wrestle...


...but the Mauler is too much for Leo...


...and puts him out with his 'Mauler Crab'.