PWP Wrestling presents

the Second Bearhug Tape

the Matches


the Rebel vs the Bad Boy


Sexy Steve vs the Rebel


the Bad Boy vs Sexy Steve


All three wrestlers

the 2nd Bearhug Tape

Match #4

Round Robin Bearhug Fest

the Rebel vs Bad Boy vs Sexy Steve

 Check this out, what a hunkbash. Three of PWP's best bodies in a three-way bearhug-fest. Standing, kneeling, laying, and often one guy is bearhugged by both other hunks simultaneously in a sandwich. You won't be able to stand it. Sexy Steve is a victim to the wrath of his two big opponents. Early on, the Rebel and Bad Boy decide to gang up on Sexy and bearhug him out first. Back and forth, they pass Steve taking turns squeezing Steve until he can't take anymore. He is pummeled and begs for them to stop. Repeatedly, they lift his lifeless body up off the floor and continue their devastation. A match like this is something to see. Two are punishing the other with relentless bearhugs. WOW!!! It doesn't get much better than this. Steve begs over and over for them to stop, but it doesn't end for him until they decide to ask him to quit. This bout is top notch and a great watch. This tape is full of a whole lot of muscle and endless bearhugging. CLASSIC!!!

The Round Robin begins with each wrestler taking his turn to determine who will team up to squeeze the life out of the third man.

At first it seems that The Rebel will be the loser as he suffers repeated bear hug sandwiches.

But he is able to convince the Bad One that the two heels are natural allies and the task of making the Sexy One suffer begins.

But the Sexy One tries to tackle the weaker link in the heel chain...The Rebel.

But soon discovers that the Evil One will come to his partner's rescue.

But who will come to the Sexy One's rescue??...No One! The Rebel puts the squeeze on Steve...

...then the Evil One... as the boy in red looks on ...then... is his turn to punish Steve as the two heels pass the helpless man back and forth...

...while the Sexy One is helpless to counteract ...

...the relentless punishment dished out by the two heels..What a bout! Will Sexy Steve get his revenge????