PWP Wrestling presents

the Second Bearhug Tape

the Matches


the Rebel vs the Bad Boy


Sexy Steve vs the Rebel


the Bad Boy vs Sexy Steve


All three wrestlers

the 2nd Bearhug Tape

Match #1

the Rebel vs Bad Boy

Two of PWP's greatest physiques in an all out 'Bearhug-fest'. And if you like these hunks, they do lots of flexing for you to enjoy. It starts with each of them coming out and stripping from their streetwear to the gear, stretching out, and flexing for the camera. Bad Boy enjoys his workout when the Rebel comes out to bother him and start a fight with him. Bad Boy has the edge in size, but the Rebel is one of the toughest guys around. And these two have had a rivalry since day one. Both are heels, both can dish out the punishment and both can take it. Their bearhugs are hard held, as their backs look like they are going to snap. Endless bearhugging, (standing, laying, reverse, you name it). Holding the other against his hard chest and abs, squeezing with those big biceps. How much can these guys take? Throw in the odd headlock for good measure and this one is a CLASSIC. And for that matter, both of these handsome hunks are CLASSIC. Bad Boy is the more dominant one in this one. He is a muscular guy, and is out to get the Rebel using all that he has. By the end of the match the Rebel has slowly been destroyed. He's a fighter and takes a lot of punishment, but those big arms of Bad Boy squeezes the life fight out of him. Bad Boy had the Rebel screaming "I quit" over and over, as he keeps on bearhugging him for the win. Not many men can get the Rebel to submit like that. Trust me this tape is a sure CLASSIC.

After being taunted by the young upstart, 'Bad Boy' begins...

...his squeeze fest on the younger wrestler.

As he writhers in pain, The Rebel tries again and again... extricate himself from the bigger man's vice-like grip.

Well...the younger opponent has a few moments of glory as he...

...squeezes and grinds his arms around Bad Boy's back...

...but he younger man soon finds himself in more back pain...

...than he can endure as the Bad One...

...squeezes and squeezes his younger man until he is nothing more...

...than a wet bag of noodles...with no where to go but down.