PWP Wrestling presents

the Second Bearhug Tape

the Matches


the Rebel vs the Bad Boy


Sexy Steve vs the Rebel


the Bad Boy vs Sexy Steve


All three wrestlers

the 2nd Bearhug Tape

Match #3

Sexy Steve vs Bad Boy

Here are the winners over the Rebel, Bad Boy and Sexy Steve. Once again, this match starts with Bad Boy just trying to workout, but cocky Sexy Steve wants a piece of him. These big guys really take it to eachother. You can see their backs getting crushed by eachothers big arms. Steve has the ego to back up the muscles, and Bad Boy is just a big muscled man. Steve has no problem lifting and slamming Bad Boy down over his knee with his backbreakers. But that doesn't seem to slow down the big guy. No one seems better than the Bad Boy at these bearhugs. He has such big arms. There is lots of posing by these hunks as well. Steve has his moments working over big Bad Boy, but Bad Boy only lets him do that for a while until he regains control. Steve ends up yelling in pain as he hangs limp and lifeless in Bad Boys clutches. Bad Boy is the King of Bearhugs as Sexy Steve, like the Rebel, soon finds out. And like the Rebel, Steve has to beg for Bad Boy to quit his punishment. It takes him a while, but Bad Boy eventually stops. Sexy withers in pain after this assault. A GREAT matchup.

Match #3 begins with the Sexy One bumping into the Bad Boy after his work-out on the weights. Steve gets the upper hand... the beginning but the Bad One soon has his arms full. he squeezes those massive arms around the Sexy One's back...

...and squeezes and squeezes as the 'boy in blue' writhers in pain.

But The Sexy One is not without his own strengths as the Bad One soon finds out.

However, the Sexy One's back-breaker cannot put the Dark One out... the Sexy One soon discovers as he is wrapped up for the...

...kill and the Bad Boy strikes another blow for the Dark Side.