PWP Wrestling presents

the Second Bearhug Tape

the Matches


the Rebel vs the Bad Boy


Sexy Steve vs the Rebel


the Bad Boy vs Sexy Steve


All three wrestlers

the 2nd Bearhug Tape

Match #2

the Rebel vs Sexy Steve

 Back to back great action on this tape. The Rebel up against Sexy Steve in a fight over a watch. These two guys don't come more equaled, in size, skill and stamina. Both are very hot looking guys, with plenty of PWP experience. They are out to hurt eachother in this match and look awesome doing it. Flexing over their opponent whenever they get the chance. Big egos. Like the first matchup, this one is loaded with these two muscleguys putting everything they got into squeezing the life out of the other (standing, laying, reverse, etc…). Great physiques in action. It's been good watching the Rebel play Heel in most of his matches, but on this tape his very worthy opponents manhandle him. Sexy is the dominant one as the Rebel suffers a few backbreakers. Rebel's powerless muscled body squeezed endlessly by the Sexy One until he quits. A great fight by both these guys. You will have fun watching this one.

Match #2 begins with the Sexy One catching The Rebel trying to steal a watch he had just found on the wrestling mat and puts the squeeze on the would-be thief.

But the young punk is tough as the Sexy One finds out... 'The Rebel' squeezes and squeezes his opponent.

But the PWP veteran soon reverses and the younger man feels...

...the wrath of the Sexy One..making the young punk scream for mercy...

...but was it just a ruse to capture his opponent off guard?

But The Sexy One is once more in control ..first on the mat...

...then with a crushing belly-to-belly...

...bearhug... which has The Rebel softened-up for...

...what the Sexy One has in store for the grand finale.