PWP Wrestling has been making pro wrestling tapes for over
ten years and features hot muscular hunks in some very sexy
pro-style wrestling mat action. Each DVD has at
least 5 matches, some with tag-team action. PWP is also
proud to offer original tapes featuring exclusive HOT holds such as Headscissors, Sleepers and Bear Hugs. PWP excels in mat grappling loaded with lots of very sexy action including ball-grabbing in the Rough and Raunchy series. If you like watching hot guys wrestle each other wearing only tight, ultra-hot bulging posing briefs, then this is for you.

We have an extensive FREE gallery of our muscular wrestlers, and lots of wrestling pics from each action packed match-up. Browse through our DVD collections to see sample pictures! No nudity, BUT you get to see the gorgeous hot MEN!

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Rebel's Defeat

Rebel's Defeat has your fingerprints all over it even to the way Rebel walks out during the introduction. He is Rebel, but he seems disheartened, almost as if he knows his fate and does not feel up to the challenges. Brilliant!

Barry from Pennsylvania, US

Special Events #3

Special Events 3 is certainly the best production that you have created. Frederick is awesome, and two of the other wrestlers, Ricardo and Q-Ninja, suffer beautifully at his hands. The quality of the lighting and the closeup shots are brilliant. Bravo, and let's see more of them.

Joe from North Carolina, US

Bar Brawls

Sexxy Eddy... You have to have this guy do more. That body is just too amazing not to use. I would love to see him in a squash tape (on the receiving end) like the Rebel did.

Greg from Vancouver, Canada

Meet the PWP Wrestlers - Ordering Information - Links - Contact

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