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Doomed and Dominated #3 - Bobby vs Mathieu Morin Bobby subjects MM to a numbing nervehold and then a debilitating 'brain buster'.
Doomed and Dominated #3 - Bobby vs Mario Check out this VERY unusual hold by Bobby. Using one arm and his legs, Mario is completely tied up and ripe for some gutpunching.
Doomed and Dominated #3 - Bobby vs Mario Bobby now has Mario over his knee in a backbreaker, choking his neck and laying more fists into his already softened gut.
Sexxy Eddie Succumbs- Marco vs Sexxy Eddie vs Brandon This one is real good! 1) Marco headscissoring Eddie face down in his crotch. 2) Brandon sleepering out Sexxy Eddie. 3) Marco and Brandon treating Eddie to some 2 on 1 punishment 4) Marco's turn at sleepering Eddie with Brandon treating Eddie to the rag and a little chloroform.
Sexxy Eddie Succumbs- Marco vs Sexxy Eddie vs Brandon Sexxy Eddie getting doubleteamed by Marco and Brandon.
Sexxy Eddie Succumbs- Marco vs Sexxy Eddie Marco flexing that hard bicep around Sexxy's neck... and Sexxy slowly drifting off to sleep.
Joey Succumbs #2 - Steve vs Joey Check out these two hot bodies in a solid test of strength.
Joey Succumbs #2 - Steve vs Joey  Big muscleman Steve crushing ultrahunk Joey in a devastating bearhug.
Spring Fever - Sexxy Eddie vs Jonathon  Sexxy Eddie bearhugging Jonathon.
Spring Fever - Mathieu vs Brandon  Brandon bearhugs Mathieu and demands he 'give up'. Mathieu refuses, and then there is trunk pulling.
 Koed #2 -  Danny vs Slash Danny Boy almost pulls Slash's head off with a strong side headlock.
 Koed #2 -  Special K vs Danny After a test of strength, Special K gets a side headlock on hunk Danny, and works him over good by jumpng around as he flexes and squeezes.
 Mauled & Manhandled #2 -  the Rebel vs Michel The Rebel puts Michel out with a bicep pumping sleeper hold.
 Rough and Raunchy #6 -  Serge vs Romeo Muscle man Serge headlocks Romeo, squeezing his neck between his big chest and rock hard bicep.
 Bearhug #4 -  Gabriel vs Angelo Hot body Angelo struggles in this sexy bearhug. The massive arms of Gabriel flexing, crushing the Angelo's muscular back.
 Bearhug #4 -  Julien vs Angelo Hunky Angelo can't take anymore as muscleman Julien tosses him around with an rib crushing bearhug.
 Special Events #3 -  Frederick vs Ricardo Ricardo can't do anything but submit, as big man Frederick works a camel clutch on him with some eye gouging and hairpulling.
 Joey Succumbs -  Joey vs Fred In this 3-way bout, muscleman Fred keeps hot body Joey from tagging in Sean, by wrapping his huge legs around him with a back crushing body scissors and armbar.
 Rebel's Revenge -  Tyler vs the Rebel The Rebel works over big guy Tyler, from a standing sleeper to the floor, flexing that hard bicep around his neck.
 Rebel's Revenge -  Tyler vs Joey Ultra hunk Joey moans in pain as he is trapped in muscleman Tyler huge legs. As he squeezes, big guyTyler flexes those pecs, biceps and abs, giving us a great show, and dominating Joey.
 Rebel's Defeat -  Mickael vs the Rebel In a devistating hold on the Rebel, Mickael makes the bigger man hurt with a solid full nelson/body scissors combo.
 Rebel's Defeat -  Mickael vs the Rebel Mickael has the muscleman 'the Rebel' in a solid full nelson.
 Doomed and Dominated #2 -  Bobby vs Freaky Huge guy Bobby has his much smaller opponent trapped, arms behind back and subjects him to his nerve hold followed with a brain buster.
 Doomed and Dominated #2 -  the Rebel vs Mathieu Musclehunk Mathieu goes up against a bigger man, the Rebel, with back-breaking tests of strength and gut punching.
 Doomed and Dominated #2 -  the Rebel vs Mathieu Mathieu uses the rag on the Rebel.
 Sleeper #8 - Yannick vs Sexxy Eddie  In this Battle of the Titans, hot hunk Eddie flexes that rock hard huge bicep around ultra hunkyman Yannick's neck with a sleeper.
 Sleeper #8 - Yannick vs Sexxy Eddie  Sexxy Eddie's hot body slowly passes out, as he is subjected to one of Yannick's sleepers in return. Yannick's huge arms puffing out and flexing under Eddie's chin.


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