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The Rebel's Return

 Eternal PWP favorite hunk, the Rebel, returns from hiatus and is destroyed by new megahunk, Madd Maxx.

Highlight: A #1 ALL-TIME FAVORITE FIGHT... Madd Maxx in his debut match against the Rebel, totally squashes the ultra-hot hunk. The back punishment that the Rebel endures is brilliant to watch.

The First Sleeper Tape

4 HOT musclemen try to out-sleeper eachother. Includes three BIG PWP wrestling stars... Special K, the Rebel and Madd Maxx, with Angel.

Highlight: Sleeper battles don't get much better than this. Fantastic bodies on all these hunks.

Maxxed Out

Hot bodybuilders, Kid Q and Big Boy, return to PWP. Madd Maxx destroys the big guys in individual matches.  

Highlight: Kid Q and Bad Boy each think they are going to win over the newer guy, Madd Maxx. Each are dominated and destroyed, as the fantastic Madd Maxx gives them lessons in wrestling.

Joey Succombs #2

One by one, musclemen Dino, Neil and Steve take on and punish hot body wrestler Joey. Bearhug heaven.

Highlight: Dino's commanding destruction of Joey and of Neil. He flexes his great body, and verbally abuses them as he dishes out their abuse.


An early production with the young cocky musclehunk, the Rebel. In this one he is doing some of his best wrestling. He looks fantastic and has fun punishing all who take him on.

Highlight: The Rebel squashing Mike Manson, with domination and power.

Squash #2

BIG bodybuilder Gabriel inflicts endless punishment on the Rebel, mostly his neck. Brothers, Jay and Brandon, in individual matches continue the Rebel's neck punishment. Each take wins. Huge Gabriel then takes on the two brothers, 2 on 1.

Highlight: Only halfway through their matchup, muscleman Gabriel yelling at the camera for some competition, and the Rebel laying in a pile on the mat.

Joey Succombs

Sean returns with his big new body. He and muscleman Fred, subject the hunk Joey to endless bearhugging and scissorholds.

Highlight: A three-way matchup that ends up a 2 on 1. Sean and Fred take Joey to the limits.

Bearhug #5

Rikki, Wesley, Neil and Skull... 4 huge men. In a bearhug-fest.

Highlight: Skull burying his head into each of these BIG guys muscled chests as he bearhugs them to destruction.

Gabriel Dominates

Gabriel, Joey and Sammy each take wins over the Rebel. Great squash jobs and muscleman fights.

Highlight: Gabriel's strong bearhugs leaves the Rebel wimpering, and Gabriel laughs as he squeezes harder.

1 0 
The Black Scorpion

 Jackson, Tyler, Sean and Dino offer some fantastic wrestling.

Highlight: Jackson's quads flexing as he scissors these guys. His legs are HUGE!


As fans of PWP Wrestling, it is important to realize how much compassion for wrestling Dan has. His many years of experience working around some of the best in the video wrestling business, appears in everyone of his great, sexy productions. His attention to what we the fans say to him is phenominal. Thus, we are fully entertained with some of the best gay/muscle wrestling in the business. First off, he finds us the most handsome hunks with the most breathtaking bodies for his productions, and each jam-packed into the hottest, little briefs. These wrestlers each do a posing routine, maybe some arm wrestling and then go head to head in really some of the best video wrestling around. Certainly a style of it's own. The wrestling for one thing doesn't contain nudity. It sucks, but that's part of what it is. (Except for maybe 'In the Ring', PWP's only ring action) The action is mainly on a slower pace, with some of the sexiest wrestling around. Mega-HOT Bearhugs, Scissors, Sleepers, Full Nelsons... the camera really takes it's time to give you long shots of these musclehunk's hot bodies... going from hold to hold, mat wrestling. Their sweaty muscled bodies flexing as they try to dominate eachother... until one guy gives up, or most of the time... passes out. Maybe it isn't for everyone. But for that group of us who REALLY love to watch hot guys wrestling, Dan really does deliver. There is also the ball-grabbing, the gut-punching, the balls to face holds, tests of strength, chloroform matches, tagteam matches, 2 on 1 matches, with lots of muscle flexing/posing, domination, and even 'kiss my feet' matches. These DVD's in my TOP 10 favorites, really are fantastic. As you can tell by my choices, I LOVE the Rebel, as a heel or getting ass kicked. Joey is another favorite. And Dino, and Mad Maxx. But really, every tape has awesome hunks to watch, in awesome matchups against eachother and LOTS of action. I have been a VERY devoted and satisfied wrestling fan of PWP for over 7 years now, and have corresponded with Dan many times in the past. He runs a top notch, fan-driven operation. If you have anything to say, or to suggest to him for ANY matches, he WILL listen. These tapes are an awesome addition to any wrestling video collection. PWP IS FANTASTIC!!!