Keep in mind that PWP's DVDs are about 2 hours in length, featuring 5-6 match-ups (so there is lots of action). They all feature 4 muscular, hot looking wrestlers... wearing only revealing posing briefs.

The matches feature two musclehunks punishing and dominating eachother in some of the most sexy and intense wrestling action you will find. PWP always strives to offer the most entertaining mat wrestling action, where muscles flex as these big guys battle it out. Painful domination with lots of sexy choke holds, bearhugs, scissors and ballgrabbing to mention a bit of what to expect. And PWP always finds hot, muscular, new talent with every new title. Spend some time going through the site.

You can cruise the wrestlers in the Wrestlers section ... for information and sexy action pics of each guy. OR go through this DVD / Video Library page where you will find plenty of pics and writeups from each matchup. Enjoy our site and check back often... the action just gets better and better.


"You should get the word out that your transfers are exceptional and that the picture quality is far superior to the VHS versions. Honestly, it is almost like seeing them for the first time. The color is better and so is the clarity."

"Congratulations. Unquestionably, your camera style is made for DVD. Huge congratulations. Zooming in on one of your closeups only heightens the effect of your wonderful camera work. I hope all of your future titles will be in DVD. No one - NO ONE - does closeup work like you. It is almost as if it is your signature."




In the first MUSCLE DVD, 'Sweet' Mario takes on three MASSIVE rough and raunchy wrestlers... Ricky, BIG MACHINE (new) and CRUSHER KANE (new). There are six singles matches. MUSCLE #2 featuring YANNICK, DALE, SHAWN and MARCO is a sizzler. Watching Yannick's massive yet sexy frame dominate his muscular opponents is something special to scrutinize.

MUSCLE 3 features spunky Aaron, Dale, Jean and, of course, BIG STEVE. There are five singles matches and Aaron is able to easily defeat BIG STEVE. BIG STEVE is out-manoevered by all three wrestlers. MUSCLE 4 features Aaron, Jean and Dale once more but this time the three big men face BRUNO. This DVD features 5 single matches. Aaron once more shows off his physique and his prowess against all his opponents!





In NICHOLAS #1, Nicholas is squashed by three PWP wrestlers - The once 'Sweet' now turned 'Mean' Mario, sexy Jordan, and the much smaller Phillippe in five singles matches. NICHOLAS #2 sees our man take on some PWP veterans in Jean, Dino and soon to become a PWP favorite Ricky (aka Ricko). This DVD contains five single matches. The youngster didn't have a chance!

NICHOLAS #3 was a combination of small and big PWP wrestlers. One of PWP's smallest wrestlers, Dom, had a hard time against the likes of BIG STEVE and DALE. In the tag team match, Dom was matched with Nicholas against BIG STEVE and Dale. Prestty much throughout this match, the bigger men had their way with the two juniors. NICHOLAS #4 features Phillipe once again, this time partnered with Nicholas in a tag match, veteran Mathieu and newcomer Diego.


In the first British Invasion DVD, James takes on three rough and raunchy wrestlers... Mathieu Morin, Sylvain and Brad (new). There are three singles matches featuring Mathieu dominating his rough and raunchy opponents. The fourth match is a round robin with Brad and Sylvain against James.

The second British Invasion DVD features spunky Aaron (new), Julien (new) and Joe (Sexxy Eddie Destroyed). There are four matches and Aaron is able to hold his own against James. Brit-Style Pro Wresling Action!! Filmed in HD.

 SEXXY EDDIE Destroyed 

BIG vs small 

You asked for it, so Dan delivers. Sexxy Eddie gets demolished. First it was the bodacious Joey, now it's the hunk... Sexxy Eddie. Fantastic individual matchups. Three wrestlers take their turn destroying one of PWP's favorite musclehunks: Big Steve, Joe and Etien: The Enforcer. Watch the Free Video Clips and watch Sexxy Eddie get mauled and manhandled.

Dan heard from many PWP fans who wanted to see a 'real' man: someone muscled and hairy chested. Fans also wanted to see BIG wrestlers take on smaller guys. So Dan delivers with Francesco in BIG vs small. Francesco teams up with Marco (Eddie Succumbs) to take on PWP veteran Sean and newcomer Chris. Watch the Free Video Clips and see HOT ACTION and HOT BODIES. Filmed in HD.


In the first D&D, it was the BIG Bobby Bouchard who dominated all. Now he's back and up against two of the most devious wrestlers in PWP... Mathieu Morin, and Mario (returns). These two know their wrestling holds and can each put up a great fight against anyone. They also enjoy double-teaming, and chloroform. And where ever Mathieu is, Kid TNT isn't far behind (for insurance). BIG Bobby has his hands full against these two, This one starts with a gut-punching challenge, with Bobby getting double teamed on. And it doesn't end for him after that. The muscleman uses his brainbuster, nerve holds, lots of ab punishment, as he demolishes his opponents... but, he sucks the rag and suffers low blows in return. You will be surprised who is dominated. Awesome Action!! Filmed in HD.


You asked for it, so Dan delivers. Another PWP musclehunk gets demolished. First it was the bodacious Joey, now it's the hunk... Sexxy Eddie. Fantastic individual matchups. Brandon defeated the Sexxy One recently, so he is game to beat his sexy body again. And Dan finds yet another BIG musclehunk rookie to join in... the handsome hunk Marco. Marco enjoys going toe-to-toe with Sexxy and punishing Eddie's hot body with bearhugs and nelsons. There is also a three-way matchup bout, Eddie's big arms take a whole lot of punishment, as he is double-teamed by the other two hunks. He is worked over with scissors and sleepers and chloroform too, until he passes out. HOT ACTION, and HOT BODIES. Filmed in HD.



In the first D&D, 2 of PWP's BIG hunks, Marky and Brutus, were totally worked over by the ultra-huge man, BOBBY BOUCHARD. Now, Dan invited Big Bobby back to go up against the one and only, and you asked for it... THE REBEL. In a best of three bout matchup. Two new hunks are in this one too, including MATHIEU MORIN: Montréal's Newest Pro Wrestling Sensation, and he looks fantastic in packed yellow trunks. What a great body! The action packed event includes a whole lotta gut punching, a little chloroform and the mighty Rebel being dominated. Fantastic action, and filmed in HD (crystal clear on HDTVs).




If you are looking for sleeper action and you like muscle... look no further. The very hunky, SEXXY EDDIE, is back for this muscleman mix up. Also, looking bigger and hotter than ever is JAY (Damn he's cute). New to PWP is the Man's-Man D. VEDETTE (awesome body) and PWP's newest mega-hunk YANNICK. He's a huge guy!! The action in this one is non-stop, with muscled vets Jay and Eddie, eager to beat up the new guys. Muscleman D. Vedette, is a powerhouse that won't go down easy. Yannick is too much for hunks Jay and Eddie to handle. Sleeper Heaven!! Delicious musclemen!! (Filmed in HD too!)



The first was so successful, PWP had to do it again. The bodacious hunk JOEY against three other PWP musclehunks, as they destroy him with bearhugs and bodyscissors. DINO returns for this, looking a whole lot bigger since his last match. And handsome hunk NEIL is back, for some more action. And PWP introduces a new hot wrestler STEVE, who will outmuscle all of them. Joey is totally dominated in back to back muscleman matchups!

Before the matches, SKULL challenges his opponents to an arm wrestling contest


PWP brings you a new set of matchups pitting the everpopular SEXXY EDDIE against young, lean MATTIEU, the new PWP hunk JONATHON and tough guy BRANDON. The action is fantastic, as Eddie muscles his way over these guys, and Brandon plays heel as he outwrestles all.


3rd Annual Wrestling Bash

This is the third installment of the popular Annual Wrestling Bash series. Included in the exciting match-ups is a never before seen contest featuring two classic muscle gods - Sébastian and René.


Rikki signed a contract to wrestle SEXXY Eddie and two newcomers before his injury at the hands of Wesley in Headlock/scissors combo. Before he can take out his revenge against both 'Gab' and Wesley, he MUST fulfil his contract to wrestle these men. Watch what happens when you see the new and improved SEXXY Eddie!

Headlock/Scissors Combo

Two BIG muscle hunks take on two lean young wrestlers in a headlock/scissors contest. The surprise! Wesley accepted a bribe from 'Gab' to seriously injure Rikki before a scheduled 'Gab' and Rikki match-up. Watch patiently while Wesley waits for the right moment to carry out his dastardly deed.

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