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John's Wrestling Stories #1

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# 1 "He Needed to be Cut Down to Size"

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Yeah, he was good looking with those gorgeous muscles, curly blond hair, broad shoulders moving down to a washboard abs midsection, and a smile that would charm either cunts or studs. But he had to be cut down to size and I was just the guy to do it.

First I had to approach him and goad him into wrestling me. I decided that the direct , fast way was best, so I ambled over to him and said "I've been watching you posing around like you were some hot shit . But I don't think you are" He looked at me with those big blue eyes and shit eating grin as if to say who the fuck do you think you are. When that did not get the response I was looking for, I continued and said "I guess you don't understand me. You think you are hot shit because you've not met a guy yet that would make you look like a wimp". That stuck home. His smile turned into a snarl and a hard stare. "Anytime, anywhere, no rules, no time limit" he replied.

I won't bore you with the details of our meeting agreement. Sufficient to say we met at a private gym that had a mat room. We had the place to ourselves ­ nobody to watch, nobody to interfere, and nobody to save his ass. And just to make sure we locked the door. In addition so that neither of us would have an advantage (not that I needed one) we stripped naked. I'm sure that he thought the sight of his muscular physique would intimidate me. But what he didn't know that I was going to make every one of those glorious muscles of his scream with pain as he begged for mercy.

He moved forward immediately and made his move to circle his arms around me in a front bear-hug. But I ducked under his arm, circled around behind him, and quickly slapped on a full nelson. His body tensed, his abs contracted, his shoulders bunched, and his biceps started to swell as I ground down on the back of his neck in line with his ears. He shifted this way and that but that did nothing to shake me. He then lifted his shoulders and cranked up his biceps in an attempt to power his way out. But that didn't work either.

I then fell back onto the mat, taking him with me still locked in the nelson. Once on the mat I wrapped my legs around his midsection and scissored them. His body immediately arched up in an attempt to break loose, but my thigh bulging squeeze crushed that out of him and he fell back onto the mat giving me the opportunity to constrict my scissor-hold deeper into his gust and at the same time use my biceps to force his head further toward his chest and his arms higher over his head.. As I continued to crank down on the nelson I got the first moan out of him.

I purposely eased up on the nelson and he reacted as I thought he would by trying to twist free. But this was just what I wanted and used his mistake to convert the hold into a sleeper. As my arm went around his neck area and the other slipped from the nelson position to one beside his face, he realized immediately what he was getting caught in and he wanted no part of this. All of his muscles bunched and strained as his body went into convulsive-like contortions. But he was locked tight. Each second he became more enmeshed in my hold. He clawed at my arms, tried to arch up, slammed his feet into the mat, and thrashed his arms wildly about. But all I did was to crush his head more with the sleeper and squeeze deeper with the scissors.

He was strong, I admit that, but all of his gorgeous muscles weren't going to get him out of my hold. I could feel my arm and bicep muscles pressing deeper into his flesh. His attempts to pry my arms from his head were futile. His body continued to surge with violent muscular contractions, but nothing worked for him. Then, holding him in the sleeper/scissor combo I rolled him over almost to his stomach. Then I released my scissor-hold and fully rolled him over so that I was riding his back. He tried to lift his head and shoulders. Perfect. I quickly shifted my hold back into a full nelson. He was mine now and I started to cut him down to size. I had always admired his gorgeous physique, but because my focus at the present time was on humiliating him, this admiration had been pushed to the background. But now as I lay naked on his back my manhood started to react to the contact with his muscles and hot flesh. As he struggled beneath me and I powered more into the nelson I started to get fully stiff and roused. The heat of our wrestling had given both of us a slick sheen of sweat that allowed me to slide erotically over his back and ass, sending more throbs between my legs. He then put on a last ditch effort to break free. I felt all of his muscles bunch in desperation and I had to grind down on the nelson to force his head further toward his chest and into the mat.. For about 30 seconds our bodies were locked in this struggle, every muscle and tendon strained to the max. Then, with a moan of agony, his body collapsed.

At this point I came back to feeling my own sensations and realized again that I was fully roused and throbbing with anticipation. I released my hold and pushed him face down onto the mat. I wasted no time in crawling upon his back and had my way with him.