The Rebel


3rd Annual Wrestling Bash

versus Sammy

the Tyler Compilation

versus Tyler

the Brandon Compilation

versus Brandon and tagteams with the Scottish Cowboy against Brandon and Bad Boy

Doomed and Dominated #2

versus Bobby Bouchard and 'Dangerous' Mathieu

Bear Hug #6

versus The Huge Hungarian Roland

The Rebel's Back: Bear Hug

versus Alfie: The Hungarian Sensation

The Rebel's Back: Headlock/Scissors

versus the smaller Jay

the Rebel Compilation #3

versus Sammy, Jeremy, Danny D' (a different match from The Rebel Compilation #2), Sexy Steve, Bad Boy Yves and Gabriel

Gabriel Dominates

versus Joey and Gabriel

The Rebel Compilation #2 

versus Danny Boy, Sebastian, Bradley, Gabriel, Mad Maxx, and Brandon:the Asian Assassin

 The Rebel's Defeat

versus Darren, Q-Ninja and Mickael

Sleeper 6

versus Sexy Eddie, Eric and Joey

 The Rebel Compilation

versus Simon, Mike Manson, Pistol Pete, Bad Boy, Ironman, and Danny D

 the Rebel's Revenge

versus Tyler, Joey and Darren

the 4th Sleeper Tape

versus Sean, Bradley and Danny Boy

Squash 2

versus Jay, Kid Brandon and Gabriel

the 1st Sleeper Tape

versus Angel, Special K and Mad Maxx

the 2nd Annual Wrestling Bash

special guest appearance 

The Rebel's Return

versus Mad Maxx, the Scottish Cowboy and Andre

Rebellion 3

versus Bad Boy, Brandan and tagteams with the Scottish Cowboy

  Mauled and Manhandelled #2

versus Kid Q, Christopher and Michel

Rebellion 2

versus Bad Boy, Sexy Steve and Eric Legros


versus Sebastian, Mike Manson, Simon and a Round Robin that includes Bad Boy

the 3rd Scissors Tape

versus Pistol Pete, Danny D and a Round Robin that includes Eric Legros

the 1st Annual Wrestling Bash

versus Bad Boy

the Second Bearhug Tape

versus Bad Boy, Sexy Steve and a Round Robin including all three

MatAttack #4

versus Ironman and Danny D

If the Rebel puts one of these on you... worry. Those arms could pop your head off.

The Rebel is always good for flexing his fantastic body for you, whether throwing on a hold or just waiting for his devistated opponent to get up.

Isn't the Rebel a very lucky guy.

Sexy Steve finds out that those arms of the Rebel's are vise-like. Backbreaking hold.


Ironman is one of the only guys to win a match from the Rebel. In this one Ironman squashes the Rebel which makes for a very cool matchup.

The Rebel is a tough, well-built, handsome, muscular, aggressive wrestler whose holds are devistating on his opponents.

Rebel dominates Sexy with this toehold hairpull. His back has to be hurting.

Eric slowly goes down as the Rebels muscular arm sleepers him out.


Rebel flexes as he wraps his big thighs around the throat of Eric. The Rebel always looks great.


Sexy Steve gets a good view of the Sexy Rebel.


Christopher is just about asleep, as the Rebel's big bicep is tight under his chin with this sleeper.


This unique surfboard on Michel has him in a lot of pain, as it looks like the Rebel is going to pull his arms and shoulders out.


The big Kid Q struggles in the Rebel's tight fullnelson. Great physiques on these two.


Kid Q, even with all that muscle, soon sucumbs to the Rebel's might.


This nice surfboard has the Bad One under the Rebel's control.


A front facelock on Brandon. Ouch...


The Scottish Cowboy gets a feel of that great big bicep of the Rebel's smuggly under his chin.


Here our big hunk has the Cowboy's head tight against that impressive torso of his with this solid sideheadlock.


Mad Maxx proved to be a formidable opponent to our Hero. In his debut he outmuscled Rebel in an impressive mega-hunk battle. This trademark bearhug ...


...or even one of his bicep pumping sleepers was enough to dent this equally talented foe.


A last attempt to stagger Mad Maxx was futile and the Rebel's amazing body suffers beautifully in a battle of PWP's powerful, handsome, talented mega-hunks. You have to see this one!!!

BIG GUY, Special K is a great opponent for the Rebel. The Rebel tries to wear him down with this kneeling sleeper.


The Rebel smiles confidently as his muscular opponent slowly goes down in this sleeper battle.


Here the Rebel tighens his arms around Angel's neck sleepering him out.


Mad Maxx goes toe totoe with his newest foe. The Rebel manages to take one of their bouts in this best of three, with this great sleeper hold


It's great to see these two powerhouses in a matchup. Danny does spend some time being outmuscled by the Rebel, like with this sleeper hold sitting ...


...then standing. But it is almost all Danny Boy in this one, as he muscles out of every hold the Rebel throws at him.


The Rebel assumed that his matchup with the rookie Bradley would be easy. The Rebel has a whole lot more experience and a lot more size and muscle...


...but the Rebel's sleeper on the young man is short lived and he ends up with his hand full, defending himself against Bradley's assault. Once again, the Rebel looks just as good getting beat up. HOT matchup!!!


Great photo of the Rebel sleepering out Sean, as he comfortably sits on the couch...


...and then the Rebel takes it to the mat and continues this devistating hold, still controlling Sean.


In this lop-sided matchup with the super hot, muscle hunk Gabriel... this is about the only hold that the Rebel gets on him, and Gabriel seems to be laughing at his attempt. The Rebel spends almost all of the fight being outmuscled and punished by this hulk. GREAT MATCH for those who want to see this big, hot man get squashed by a bigger and hotter man.


In his fight with the Rebel, Jay suffers in the Rebels huge thighs. First in this figure-4 scissor, with the Rebel flexing those muscles hard...


...then in this head scissor, so Jay can get a good look at his crotch and body. But Jay soon lets loose on PWP's musclehunk, and punishes him until the Rebel is out. This tape is awesome.


The Rebel looks so hot in these briefs... as he headlocks Kid Brandon, flexing those muscular arms and flexing that big hard chest as he pours on the pressure...


...Then the Kid is full nelsoned, getting squeezed hard in that vice like grip of the Rebel's. The Rebel flexing those big arms, putting more pressure on that already softened up neck of the Kid...


...And then the Rebel gives his arms a rest and goes at Kid Brandon with those big legs of his. Still targeting that neck, the Rebel throws this solid legscissors his smaller opponent. But this is early in the match and Kid Brandon has a thing or two in store for the muscle hunk.

Darren had a heck of a time in his match with the Rebel. Our Red hero brings back to PWP his attitude and pumped up body. He almost pulls Darren's head off with this killer headlock.

Joey suffers in his match too. He grimaces as the Rebel camel clutch's him, and slowly punishes Joey's neck back and shoulders. The Rebel is TOUGH!

His sleeper holds are among the best in PWP. Even BIG Tyler can't shake those huge arms of the Rebel. Tyler did look like he was going to beat the Rebel in this match, but with outside interference the Rebel...

...takes control of this big man and inflicts some back and neck punishment...

...that Tyler succombs to. The Rebel finishes this tape with all wins, but I'm sure Tyler will have his revenge too. The Rebel vs Tyler... an awesome match that you will want to see over and over.