Filmed with an High Definition (HD) Camera

Match #1

'Dangerous' Mathieu vs The Rebel

Match #2

Bobby Bouchard vs Freaky Frank

Match #3

'Danergerous' Mathieu vs Freaky Frank

Match #4

'Dangerous' Mathieu vs Bobby Bouchard

Match #5

Bobby Bouchard vs The Rebel


"Let me begin by saying that this has to be the best work you have ever done. The cinematography is excellent and your use of camera angles is very effective and downright inventive. The lighting is perfect on "Doomed and Dominated #2", I think because of the blue background and the sometimes white. Those colors reflect light and create a deeper, more vital color palette. I continue to enjoy the way you slip gradually from one image to the next in your editing process. It is another of your own techniques and it is very effective. It keeps the viewer guessing.

Mathieu is a real find. He looks good, has a cheeky attitude, knows how to suffer, knows both holds and moves, and exudes personality. I think he could eliminate the overly cocky attitude as he has the materials without excessive noise or a look at me kind of attitude. He already has the viewer's attention. I think he is that good. He held his own with Rebel in terms of drawing one's eyes and with Bouchard I bet all eyes were on him. His match with Bobby Bouchard is one of the best you have ever presented and far eclipses what must be considered the main event - the match between Rebel and Bobby Bouchard. Mathieu is definitely someone I would like to see again and I bet you agree. He is the real thing.

Rebel looks in excellent shape, but he needs to get to a beach or a tanning salon or purchase some indoor tanning lotion. He looks white on white. He is still Rebel and works hard. He is the consummate pro who knows what is expected of him and he delivers. Rebel is your star who goes on and on like the Energizer bunny.

From me a thank you and from the customers, I hope, big sales.
You done good, Dan. Actually, you done more than good. You have released simultaneously two of your best DVDs ever. And now get yourself back to Montreal and give us another of your one of a kind signature DVDs.
Congratulations "

Barry from USA




The Wrestlers





'Freaky' STEVE


MATHIEU MORIN: Montréal's Newest Pro Wrestling Sensation

 DVD - $45.00