PWP Wrestling presents

Rebellion 2

the Wrestlers 


'Bad Boy'


Eric Legros


the Rebel


Sexy Steve

the Matches

 Match #1

(this page)

Bad Boy vs Sexy Steve

 Match #2

the Rebel

vs Eric Legros

 Match #3

Bad Boy

vs Eric Legros

 Match #4

the Rebel

vs Sexy Steve

 Match #5

the Warehouse finale

Bad Boy vs the Rebel

Match #1

Bad Boy vs Sexy Steve

 Enter Sexy Steve and Bad Boy, both looking ultra-lean and both as muscular as ever. Steve takes Bad Boy down first with a head scissors. And back and forth it goes for a while. BB with an anklelock, then Steve with a camel, then BB, then Steve, until BB starts… he unloads on Steve with a barrage of holds that stuns the Sexy One. And he keeps going from recliner toehold chinlock, to a series of armbars, to a big camel, to headscissors, to nelson, to another headscissors… going from hold to hold lifting devastated hunk Steve up and giving him more. It isn't until he wraps his muscled bod around Steve's with a sleeper, that Steve is done. Bad Boy comes to this full of ammunition… he destroys Sexy Steve first off and his target is the Rebel. Later he returns to the mat, revives Steve and tosses a cobra on him. With Steve out cold, Bad Boy kneels over him and does a posing routine to show off his physique. Very cool. "Complete destruction", Bad Boy says as he leaves the match, and it was.

Sexy Steve gets an early advantage ...

...with a close-up and ....

...personal head scissors...

...but it isn't long before 'Bad Boy gets the upper hand...

...and gives the Sexy One a taste of...

...the punishment he wants to give to The Rebel.

The Sexy One reels under the pain of Bad Boy's punishing arm bar...

...and eventually puts the hapless victim to rest.