Fred is BACK! So is Sylvain and TWO Newcomers: A veteran pro wrestler: The Butcher and young Jeff. This sleeper tape was filmed in the practice room and begins with an arm wrestling challenge!


Match #1

Fred vs Sylvain

Match #2

The Butcher vs Jeff

Match #3

The Butcher vs Sylvain

Match #4

Fred vs Jeff

Match #5

Fred vs The Butcher

The WRESTLERS 'Arm Wrestling Action' - SEE Match #1


Fred vs The Butcher

Fred and the Butcher...

...engage in a test of strength. 

Fred is victorious and immediately clamps on a Bear Hug. 

The wily Butcher is able to escape and secures a Bear Hug of his own on Fred.

The Butcher becomes more confident and so...

...he decides to fasten a full nelson on the Big Man.

But Frdd will have none of this as he has his opponent in a sleeper then...

...a chin lock and while sitting on his opponent, Fred makes his man suffer.

But The Butcher is hard to pin down...

...and he is relentless in his attack on Fred.

But the Big Man's stamina wins out in the end...

However, he is not content to simply beat his man he wants to dish out more punishment.

A humiliating end for The Butcher as Sylvain happily looks on.


 DVD - $40.00