Fred is BACK! So is Sylvain and TWO Newcomers: A veteran pro wrestler: The Butcher and young Jeff. This sleeper tape was filmed in the practice room and begins with an arm wrestling challenge!


Match #1

Fred vs Sylvain

Match #2

The Butcher vs Jeff

Match #3

The Butcher vs Sylvain

Match #4

Fred vs Jeff

Match #5

Fred vs The Butcher

The WRESTLERS 'Arm Wrestling Action' - See Match #1


The Butcher vs Jeff

This is Jeff's first match in the practice room... The Butcher easily dominates the start of the match... so he let's Jeff secure a hold on him. T

The Butcher soon tires of this rookie and proceeds to show everyone why he is called the BUTCHER!!

The Butcher relishes weaker opponents...

......because it brings out the animal in him... as Jeff soon discovers... as his face is being re-arranged.

This new play-thing for The Butcher. Jeff suffers cobra clutches...

...sleepers and other humiliating holds.

The Butcher enjoys hurting Jeff.

So much punishment, but the youngster is game to put up a struggle.

The Butcher won't take the victory... until AFTER he decides to dish out more punishment.

Jeff showed he was a competitor and... who knows... with more experience he might be able to surprise men like The Butcher.


 DVD - $40.00