Fred is BACK! So is Sylvain and TWO Newcomers: A veteran pro wrestler: The Butcher and young Jeff. This sleeper tape was filmed in the practice room and begins with an arm wrestling challenge!


Match #1

Fred vs Sylvain

Match #2

The Butcher vs Jeff

Match #3

The Butcher vs Sylvain

Match #4

Fred vs Jeff

Match #5

Fred vs The Butcher


Fred and Jeff - The youngster surprises everyone including Fred!

Fred and Sylvain

Fred and The Butcher


Sylvain takes a stab at testing Fred.. 

He has Fred on his knees but he seems the one that is tiring from the struggle..

Fred has his man in a Bear Hug while Sylvain struggle sto break free.. 

Sylvain breaks free and tries his hand at punishing Fred's face and head.

Sylvain knows he has to get Fred to the mat...

and while on top of Fred, he keeps that sleeper securely held.

Sylvain appears to be on top with his firmly held sleeper.....

Kid TNT, the guest referee raises Fred's arm for the third and final time..but Fred is able to gather up more srength..

and reverses on Sylvain...

Fred knows he can't let go and in the end, it is Sylvain who goes down for the 3 count. This was a close match for Fred.

 VHS - $19.95