Fred is BACK! So is Sylvain and TWO Newcomers: A veteran pro wrestler: The Butcher and young Jeff. This sleeper tape was filmed in the practice room and begins with an arm wrestling challenge!


Match #1

Fred vs Sylvain

Match #2

The Butcher vs Jeff

Match #3

The Butcher vs Sylvain

Match #4

Fred vs Jeff

Match #5

Fred vs The Butcher

The WRESTLERS 'Arm Wrestling Action' - SEE Match #1


Fred vs Jeff

While Jeff may have given Fred a run for his money at arm wrestling, the youngster soon learns who's the MAN!!

Try as he may, he can't escape from Fred's vice-like grip.

Look at poor Jeff struggle to break free.

Now Jeff is trapped inside those massive, powerful legs.

Fred is in COMPLETE control, and the more...

...Jeff tries to escape, Fred makes him pay.

Once Fred clamps on the sleeper hold, Jeff has been so weakened... Fred's dominance, that it is an easy 3 count. Wait a minute... Fred wants to punish Jeff some more!!

Fred punishes Jeff with another sleeper...

...then lays him out on the mat until he tells Kid TNT, the guest referee, to signal the end of the match!!!!

Jeff is then unceremoniously removed from the practice room!!


 DVD - $40.00