Fred is BACK! So is Sylvain and TWO Newcomers: A veteran pro wrestler: The Butcher and young Jeff. This sleeper tape was filmed in the practice room and begins with an arm wrestling challenge!


Match #1

Fred vs Sylvain

Match #2

The Butcher vs Jeff

Match #3

The Butcher vs Sylvain

Match #4

Fred vs Jeff

Match #5

Fred vs The Butcher

The WRESTLERS 'Arm Wrestling Action' - SEE Match #1


The Butcher vs Sylvain

A test of strength between the veteran pro wrestler and Sylvain. 

Sylvain has the Butcher on the mat, but the veteran...

...soon finds himself in control as he bear hugs Sylvain. 

Sylvain is no slouch as he clamps on a sleeper and he forces his man to the mat where he remains on top of him.

A came clutch may have the Butcher down but...

...not out, as Sylvain finds himself trapped in a full nelson.

The veteran begins his assault on poor Sylvain.

Sylvain doesn't know what HIT him, as the Butcher once more earns his name.

Try as he might, Sylvain can't escape the clutches of the Butcher.

He is down for the count as Kid TNT, the guest referee, holds up Sylvain's arm for the third and final fall.

Jeff watches in the background as the Butcher relishes his 2nd victory!


 DVD - $40.00