PWP Wrestling presents

Mauled & Manhandelled #2

Match #1

the Rebel vs Christopher

Match #2

Kid Q vs Michel

Match #3

Kid Q vs Christopher

Match #4

the Rebel vs Michel

Match #5

Kid Q vs the Rebel

Mauled & Manhandelled #2


Kid Q vs Christopher

Kid Q is a brute. Big, muscular and very dominant in his matches. Christopher doesn't have quite the good time as he had in his match with the Rebel. Right from his first hold, Kid Q clues Christopher into what he's up against. Christopher, early on in this match, loses his composure and is just mauled by the big guy. And Kid Q toys with him, totally controlling him, as he goes from hold to hold. Q's well-muscled body beautifully displayed for your viewing. You gotta see his masterful single-arm sideheadlock (squeezing Christopher's head hard between his huge bicep and thick torso), and his face-to-crotch headscissors (that has Christopher quivering between his thighs)… AMAZING!! This is another squash care of Kid Q, as he brutalizes Christopher with muscle and technique, always remaining in control.

Kid Q just gets bigger and better with every match.

Kid Q's aggressiveness carries over in this match...

...where he just overwhelms his victim...another squash in the making.

Christopher doesn't have a chance... the Kid 's relentless barrage brings...

...Christopher to his knees...

....headlocks and ....

...punishing headscissros has Christopher begging to... released from this world.