PWP Wrestling presents

Mauled & Manhandelled #2

Match #1

the Rebel vs Christopher

Match #2

Kid Q vs Michel

Match #3

Kid Q vs Christopher

Match #4

the Rebel vs Michel

Match #5

Kid Q vs the Rebel

Mauled & Manhandelled #2


Kid Q vs Michel

Check out the size of Kid Q. Muscular, dominant, and a huge threat to all opponents. He's up against a rookie, Michel. Right from the start, this one is all Kid Q. His destructive sideheadlocks, headscissors, bearhugs, sleepers… all of his holds are long held and hard, demonstrating his well muscled force. Michel hasn't got a chance with this brute. From hold to hold, Kid Q squashes the rookie in Kid Q fashion. Slow and meticulous. His body is great to watch as he pours on the muscle with each hold.

Good old rookie squash… Fantastic!!!

This is a total SQUASH!

Dan (PWP) has never seen Kid Q more aggressive or mean.

The lean Michel is ready for the kill as Kid Q...

...finds new ways to make his victim suffer.

The punishing headlock..

...with Michel's head between those massive arms and pecs.

Bodyscissors and...

...bearhugs bring this squash... its final conclusion with Michel...

...out like a light.