PWP Wrestling presents

Mauled & Manhandelled #2

Match #1

the Rebel vs Christopher

Match #2

Kid Q vs Michel

Match #3

Kid Q vs Christopher

Match #4

the Rebel vs Michel

Match #5

Kid Q vs the Rebel

Mauled & Manhandelled #2


Kid Q vs The Rebel

Here is a real treat… the fabulous Rebel up against the very muscular Kid Q. This is a CLASSIC PWP muscle match. Both came out victorious in their first two matches on this tape and both are looking to take all with this bout. Kid Q has really packed on the muscle as of late, and has demonstrated a new aggressiveness with his opponents. The Rebel too, is VERY well built, and with every hold flexes his great body for you. He handles the big Kid Q well. This fight goes back and forth as each hunk tries to overpower the other. Muscle and more powerful muscle to watch!!! It isn't until the Rebel attacks Kid Q with a long, solid side headlock, that he begins his control of the big guy. He follows it up with a face-to-crotch headscissors that steals all the wind from big Kid Q, and leaves him almost finished on the mat. The Rebel lifts his muscled opponent off the mat, and throws a solid sleeper on him, displaying Kid Q's body in all its beauty. The Rebel is just too much for Kid Q.

These two muscled foes put on a great match. Hot finish to this great tape. Thanks guys!

Kid Q's aggressiveness shows at the start of the match...

...when he easily dominates the smaller man.

But The Rebel knows his strength and starts to weaken...

...the Kid who comes back and shows our heel a...

...thing or two about pain.

But the Rebel turns the tables with a full nelson...

...and then his crushing headscissors has The Kid eating mush as...

...those powerful legs keep squeezing and squeezing...

...until the Kid is out and The Rebel's winning streak continues.

But will it for too much longer??? PWP(Dan) has drawn up a contract between The Rebel and Brandon The Asian Assassin.. If I was a betting man, I wouldn't be putting any money on The Rebel to win this one!!