PWP Wrestling presents 

MatAttack #4

the Matches 

 Match #1

Bad Boy vs Ironman

 Match #2

Danny D vs the Rebel

 Match #3

Danny D vs Ironman

Match #4

Ironman vs the Rebel 

 Match #5

Danny D vs Bad Boy

MatAttack 4

Match #4

Ironman vs 'The Rebel

 Ironman assumed that this was going to be another novice to fight, and goes after the good-looking Rebel very quickly. Hold by hold he works over the Rebel, pounding his muscled body. Showing his experience, Ironman controls the Rebel in a very lopsided way, looking like a squash. It is great to watch all those muscles get worked over, in a very commanding way. The Ironman looks fabulous posing over the fallen adonis. And just to see these guys in their very small bikini shorts is worth it.

 Ironman starts early to dominate the match... Sonny is on the receiving end of punishment...

 ...and pain. Ironman's new face as Heel ...

 ...makes him a formidable opponent..

 However, Sonny does get in a few shots of his own and he is not above eye gouging.

 But, Ironman punishes the poor rookie... so many ways ...and he enjoys the punishment he dishes out.

 Sonny head and neck get a beating and...

 ...the young studpuppy's energy is soon ... be extinguished as he goes down in a long held sleeper..Does the Ironman return to inflict even more punishment??