PWP Wrestling presents 

MatAttack #4

the Matches 

 Match #1

Bad Boy vs Ironman

 Match #2

Danny D vs the Rebel

 Match #3

Danny D vs Ironman

Match #4

Ironman vs the Rebel 

 Match #5

Danny D vs Bad Boy

MatAttack 4

Match #3

Danny D vs Ironman

This is a great squash-job. Ironman is 'the man' around PWP because of his many years with us, his killer good looks, his tactical wins over most any opponent, his muscles, and his attitude. He is always one of the best. Danny D looks like no threat to him so he starts in on him right away with a barrage of headlocks, scissors and bearhugs, flexing and smiling confidently as he tosses on a new hold. Danny D is punished. D does get in a couple of holds on Ironman, but this matchup is all Ironman. His experience is too much for Danny D. After the match he returns to the mat and teaches the near unconscious Danny a few more holds as he pounds on him and berates him. Ironman is a very cool guy to watch.

 Ironman punishes his smaller opponent...

 ...with grinding headlocks...

 ...that have poor Danny suffering in agony.

 Ironman continues to punish Danny's head and neck with headscissors.

 Not content with merely hurting his opponent... Ironman continues his barrage with bearhugs...

 ...and side headlocks...

 ...that have the hapless blond reeling.

 After winning the match, Ironman is no longer content with a victory but continues to punish his victim after the match is over!!