PWP Wrestling presents 

MatAttack #4

the Matches 

 Match #1

Bad Boy vs Ironman

 Match #2

Danny D vs the Rebel

 Match #3

Danny D vs Ironman

Match #4

Ironman vs the Rebel 

 Match #5

Danny D vs Bad Boy

MatAttack 4

Match #2

Danny D vs the Rebel

2 out of 3 falls

 1st Fall
These two muscle guys really look great taking it to eachother, trading experienced mat holds. Danny D discovers quickly that his opponent's slightly bigger size is a disadvantage so he meticulously works over his back to bring him down. He twists him up in various ways until he almost goes down. The Rebel fights back and with a solid sleeper, then a big head scissors, a camel, a side headlock, and then sleepers himself a win. This is a squash job, and the Rebel is one hot looking heel.

2nd Fall
Once again Danny starts out tough with a series of side headlocks, knowing that he needs to wear this muscle guy down. He really makes the Rebel suffer well. And when he decidedly tosses a sleeper on the Rebel, all his abuse on him finally pays off with a win. Back at ya Rebel … a squash care of Danny D. Danny is even gentleman enough to help his victim up after his abuse too.

3rd Fall
These two exchange powerful holds throughout most of this match. One fall a piece and either one capable of taking the match. Danny nearly puts the Rebel away a number of times. But it isn't until the Rebel throws a side headlock on D, the match is decided. the Rebel wins this one. To see him in his amazing red briefs is amazing. This guy looks great. He has a fabulous body and killer good looks.

 'the Rebel' has Danny in a tight head lock.

 Danny tries a little hair pulling for fun.

 'the Rebel' is in control of the cute blond.

 Here he applies pressure...Danny is in pain.

 A punishing headscissors and Sonny thinks he is in control.

 But, Danny reverves and has the Rebel where he wants him.

 Long held head scissors and...

 ...punishing headlocks...are the favorites...

...holds of these...young studpuppies.

 'the Rebel' is ,without doubt, the most attractive and talented young wrestler PWP (Dan) has seen.