PWP Wrestling

MatAttack #3

the Matches

Match #1

Sean vs Sébastien

Match #2

Steve vs Stéphan

Match #3

Stéphan vs Sébastien

Match #4

Sébastien & Steve vs Sean & Stéphan

MatAttack #3

Match #3

Stéphan vs Sébastien

 Once again…PWP always comes through with the fabulous bodies. Sebastian is a cool guy to watch when he is punishing his opponent, as he flexes and smiles for the camera. He controls Stephan's muscles with confidence. He comes through with a series of holds on Stephan, a big full nelson, a couple huge bearhugs, a sleeper and then chokes Stephan with is own big arm. But Stephan is the more experienced and I repeat… when he gets a sleeper on you, it's done. Sebastian is a big guy and did well, but not well enough.

 Stéphan has 'Pretty Boy' in a headlock but our face tries a little hair pulling.

 Sébastien shows his talent in this match..however, Stéphan will try anything to get the advantage.

 However, Sébastien is not all that law abiding.

 Soon, the wiry Stéphan has his opponent all wrapped up.

 But, the 'Pretty Boy' is not just another face... he demonstrates to Stéphan...

 ...who feels the pain of our newest face's...

 ...back breaking Bear Hugs.


 But to no avail, as our Heel begins his final assault with a crushing head scissors.