PWP Wrestling

MatAttack #3

the Matches

Match #1

Sean vs Sébastien

Match #2

Steve vs Stéphan

Match #3

Stéphan vs Sébastien

Match #4

Sébastien & Steve vs Sean & Stéphan

MatAttack #3

Match #1

Sean vs Sébastien

Sean has been hitting the weights lately and it tells. He looks great. But in this matchup he is up against quite the body. Sebastian handles Sean with confidence throughout the start of this one. But come on… Sean is the vet and his experience soon shows. He's worked over some very muscled guys in the past, so this is yet another. This is a great match for Sean. He applies some serious holds on his big opponent, controlling the muscled one with confidence and wins. A new and improved Sean. "Next" he says.

Sébastien takes an early advanatge...

 ...and he LOVES what he is doing to Sean.

 But the 'Wild-Man' soon recovers...

...and begins his punishment...

...of the 'Pretty Boy'...with...

...unrelenting head scissor pain.


True to form, Sean doesn't just beat his man, but humiliates him.