PWP Wrestling

MatAttack #3

the Matches

Match #1

Sean vs Sébastien

Match #2

Steve vs Stéphan

Match #3

Stéphan vs Sébastien

Match #4

Sébastien & Steve vs Sean & Stéphan

MatAttack #3

Match #2

'Sexy' Steve vs Stéphan

 WOW…great looking bodies in this video. These two guys are pretty equal in size. Their bodies, lean and muscled, look awesome flexing with every hold. Back and forth with headlock-scissor combinations and armbars, they look great. But watch out when Stephan tosses those big arms of his around your neck in a sleeper. Muscle guy vs Muscle guy action.

 Wiry Stéphan pulls a little hair... he arm bars the 'Sexy One'.

 Our 'Hero' puts a head lock on Stéphan and squeezes tight.

 Then scissor's him with those massive thighs..

 Stéphan shows his strength as he lifts Steve off the floor.

 Stéphan is relentless and eventually 'The Sexy One' succumbs to a sleeper.