PWP Wrestling presents

K'oed 2

Match #1

'Special K' vs Danny

Match #2

Danny Boy vs 'Slash'

Match #3

Special K vs Slash

Match #4

Danny Boy vs Joey

Match #5

'Special K' vs Joey

Match #5

2 out of 3 Falls

Special K' vs Joey

Special K enjoys dominating smaller wrestlers.

The bikini-clad 'Mr Hot Stock'...


...suffers in the Big Man's full nelson!


More pain and punishment..this time on those pretty legs of Joey.

Here he screams in agony as Special K has Joey in a figure-four leg lock.

'You're all mine, little man'

Joey tries a choke hold on Special K...

...only to find himslef trapped in a vice-like sleeper. Fall #1 goes to Special K!

The second fall begins with Joey...

...but quickly sees Special K in control, twisting poor Joey's head almost clean off.

Body scissor torture...

...and a back breaker...

...and Special K has Joey down for the sleeper count.

But he doesn't want to finish the Fall with a sleeper so he shows his strength to the camera by lifting Joey high... almost crashing him into the ceiling.

but interference from Danny Boy leads to a two-against-one finale.

The Special One is stretched and tortured until he gives up.


Danny Boy leaves the mat saying 'Special What?'... How will Special K take revenge? Or, does Danny Boy have a few more tricks up his sleeve?