PWP Wrestling presents

K'oed #2

Match #1

'Special K' vs Danny

Match #2

Danny Boy vs 'Slash'

Match #3

Special K vs Slash

Match #4

Danny Boy vs Joey

Match #5

'Special K' vs Joey

Match #2

2 out of 3 Falls

Slash vs Danny Boy

Danny Boy is upset at the treatment he received by his so-called Master - Special K and decides to take it out on newcomer 'Slash'... here he has the rookie trapped in a tight headlock.

But the dark-haired rookie reverses on Danny Boy and keeps him covered...

...but Danny Boy tries a variety of ways to get Slash's head inside those big arms of his.

And once he's there, he ain't letting go... look at the pain in the face of Slash. Fall #1 goes to Danny Boy.

For a newcomer, Slash has his own way of controlling the match... pullling hair is one...

...and showing Danny Boy he too can master the side headlock and dish out...

...punishment of his own... while he's massaging Danny's neck, he's telling him to 'kiss my ---'.

The pain and punishment continues as Slash takes his job seriously...


...until Danny Boy can take it no longer...'Slash' takes the second fall with a choke headlock!

Danny Boy is incensed. He clamps on a side headlock and refuses to let go!

The close-ups of the punishment are exquisite!

As more and more pressure is applied and Slash' slowly succumbs to the Big Boy! What close-ups, what a delicious match-up.