PWP Wrestling presents

K'oed 2

Match #1

'Special K' vs Danny

Match #2

Danny Boy vs 'Slash'

Match #3

Special K vs Slash

Match #4

Danny Boy vs Joey

Match #5

'Special K' vs Joey

Match #1

2 out of 3 Falls

Special ' vs His Protegé Danny Boy

Danny Boy thought his Master would be showing him the ropes...Little did he know that the youngster would be feeling 'Special K' power. The youngster is crying in pain.

Special K wants to teach Danny Boy the art of dominance.

The youngster has the big man on the mat...

...but some dirty tactics leaves Danny Boy doubting the sincerity of his teacher's intentions... maybe he just wanted to rough him up and kick him out of PWP!

The teacher has Danny Boy all wrapped up... and once he puts those powerful thighs around his waist and those massive arms around the young man's neck... well I'm sweating.

Fall #1 goes to the Big Man... Special K'...

Special K is singing the blues to poor Danny Boy...


...but the youngster clamps on a powerful headlock...

...which has the Big Man gasping for air.

And as hard as the Big Man tries to escape, the tighter those big arms become!

Until the end when Special K' concedes the Fall and Danny Boy has a big smile on his face.

The last Fall begins with the youngster trapped in 'Special K's vice-like grip... As we all know, Special K' does not like to concede a Fall to his opponent... It just makes him angry!

Danny Boy has experienced 'The Wrath of K' . The end is a punishing neck breaker...

...and more neck and back punishment leaves no doubt as to who the winner is. But Danny Boy is not happy and swears to take revenge!!