Kid Q


Maxxed Out

versus Jean-Marc, Bad Boy and Mad Maxx

the 2nd Annual Wrestling Bash

versus Pistol Pete 

 Mauled and Manhandelled #2

versus Michel, Christopher, and the Rebel

Mauled and Manhandelled

versus Dyllon and Sebastian

 Mat Mayhem

versus the Magog Mauler, Ironman and tagteams with Leo Grand

Montreal Locker Room Wrestling 2

versus Sean, the Animal and tagteams with Konan

Summer Crush

versus Stephan, Joey and tagteams with Tarzan

the Bearhug Tape

versus Ironman


versus Denis Richard, Sebastian and Kid TNT

Montreal Matmen

versus Serge, Stephan, and a Round Robin including Pat


'the Animal' in a head scissors and some trouble courtesy of the Kid.


'the Ironman' is in the clutches of the Kid


the Kid applies his nerve hold on Joey. A very entertaining matchup with him.

Joey in the Kid's nerve hold


Joey all twisted and being dominated by the Kid

Stephan being completely dominated and slowly being tortured by the Kid

Sean is no match for Kid Q's powerful headlock


A fig-4 headlock on Dyllan. Kid Q has a great physique. He's a lot to handle.


Kid Q's big bicep choking the get-go out of Sebastian and his muscles.


Kid Q has developed a great physique, and puts all his muscle into this camel on Michel.


Michel is then stretched out, and his shoulders and back tortured in this vicious surfboard.


Looks like Kid Q is going to seperate Michel's head from his shoulders with this sideheadlock.


Christopher is almost out as he is hangs limp in the big arms of Kid Q.


Look at Kid Q flex his amazing abs and biceps as he has this humiliating face to crotch headscissors on Christopher.


Christopher is no match for the strength of a PWP legend.


Even the Rebel struggles in the grasps of this musclehunk. Kid Q is one big sexy tough guy.


Q takes pride in the power of his tough side headlocks. Here Pistol Pete is appreciating them too.


PPistol can't do a thing in this bearhug. Kid Q traps him in the grasp of his big arms and chest and squeezes, letting go slightly and then squeezing again. Pete's no match.

Veteran wrestler Kid Q keeps on getting bigger and tougher. There's no shaking this solid side headlock on Jean-Marc.


And check out how powerful this bearhug is on Jean-Marc. The guy is almost passing out locked in those huge pipes of Kid Q's.


And this kneeling sleeper, forcefully locked on, shows Kid Q means business.

 Kid Q does get in some nice moves on another big guy, Bad Boy. In their match-up, he applies this tight headscissors with some arm-pulling.


But even with a all that muscle, Kid Q had a hard time with the stellar, Mad Maxx. Even with this mastered sleepers... he couldn't take him.