PWP Wrestling presents

the Bearhug Tape

In this very special edition PWP production, the confident and cocky Kid Q challenges Steve 'Ironman' Strong to a squeeze fest. They begin fully clothed and throughout a series of matchups, the loser of each match takes off a piece of clothes until he is in his Calvin's. Then they wrestle to defeat. This tape has two of PWP's hottest hunks, solid pro/submission mat action, and is about two hours of muscle wrestling viewing. These two heels really take it to eachother, each thinking this will be easy for him to out-gun his opponent. The Kid looks very cutup, and loves to flex those big muscles for the camera whenever he can. The Ironman is just a big hot looking guy who looks good dishing it out, and looks awesome going down. Their bodies and holds are displayed very well. This tape is classic to say the least.

Kid Q is wearing a tight black t-shirt and jeans. Ironman is in a white tank and jeans. Both are well built, with model good looks. Each knows how to wrestle well. And each has great confidence in himself because of that. Big bearhugs are traded frequently throughout this tape, squeezing eachother until backs nearly snap. Not long into the first fall, Kid Q submits as Ironman bearhugs his head with those big arms of his. The Kid looses his socks.

More bearhugs are traded. The Kid wears down Ironman with a side headlock, as he pounds him into submitting. Ironman looses his socks and Kid Q flexes with pride, pointing at his big biceps.

More big bearhugs, this time kneeling. First the Kid flexes his arms as he squeezes them around Ironman tightly. Then it's Ironmans turn, and he flexes as he squeezes too. The Kid sleepers Ironman and the tank comes off. Kid Q is ahead.

Featuring the Ironman and Kid Q

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the Wrestlers



STRIP DOWN... Challenge to Calvin's begin...

Kid Q quickly takes control...

...but our 'Ironman' secures a front chancery on the Kid.

But the Kid is too much for the Ironman who is the first to submit.

For now, our 'Ironman' is no match for the new Kid Q...

Again and again he squeezes and...

...squeezes our hapless victim.