PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches 

 Match 1

Tarzan vs the Québec Cowboy

 Match 2

Ironman vs Studmuffin

 Match 3

Tarzan vs Studmuffin

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 Match 4

 Ironman vs the Quebec Cowboy

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 Tag Team Match

Studmuffin and the Quebec Cowboy vs Tarzan and Ironman 

Pain and Punishment 

Match #2

2 out of 3 Falls

Ironman vs Studmuffin

This is a very quick paced match up with lots of strong holds and hard hits, as these two musclestuds work each other over. And they look like they are both having fun slamming the other. The first fall goes to Studmuffin, who comes to this match, a very big guy.

The second fall has Ironman a little pissed (at what Studmuffin thought was a win in the first) and takes it to him. The Ironman looks awesome as usual. Back and forth they try to outmuscle eachother with power moves proving to the other their worth. Big bearhugs, lots of hitting and stomping, and the decider in this fall is a hard sleeper.

If you like to see big hunks go at it, inflicting lots of pain on each other, in lots of big power holds then this one is for you. Good fun to watch. 

The Ironman has Michel under control... 

 ...but our 'Studmuffin' is soon able to turn the tables on the unsuspecting Ironman.



The Ironman is not one to fool around with... 

 ...but neither is the 'Studmuffin'.



To everyone's surprise, our 'Studmuffin' shows the Ironman who's Boss and takes fall #1! 

In Fall #2 Ironman begins his assault... looks like its all over for Studmuffin... 

 ...But the 'Studmuffin' reverses and puts a powerful bearhug on the Ironman..., the 'Studmuffin' displays his aggressiveness with a hard knee to the Ironman's jaw. 

Once on the mat, Ironman suffers more torture from the 'Studmuffin.


Next, the 'Studmuffin' laughs as he squeezes Ironman's head in those powerful thighs...

...who do you think takes fall #2 and fall #3??