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the Matches 

 Match 1

Tarzan vs the Québec Cowboy

 Match 2

Ironman vs Studmuffin

 Match 3

Tarzan vs Studmuffin

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 Match 4

 Ironman vs the Quebec Cowboy

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 Tag Team Match

Studmuffin and the Quebec Cowboy vs Tarzan and Ironman 

Pain and Punishment 



These two fresh off of wins, Tarzan finds out quick that to win over this much bigger opponent, he will have to keep him to the mat and pound him down. And so he does just that. The Studmuffin on the other hand, wrestles… he gets in a couple backbreakers, solid headlocks, and big nasty chokeholds. But Tarzan just keeps pounding him, until he works him down enough to be able to successfully put on the submission holds. Studmuffin gets his muscles beat on and then he's put out. Smaller guy beats up bigger guy thing. Wow.  

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Yum. These two have very lean, sculpted physiques, model good looks, thus being very cool to watch. They are very sexy and quite fun. Stretching eachother out, displaying eachothers body, lots of body tossing, tests of strength, and hard hits. Ironman starts to weardown the Cowboy with leg headscissors, and then a bodyscissors sleeper. He takes a second to wipe the sweat off his body, then he starts in again on the Cowboy. With the Cowboy almost out, the Ironman decides he wants to toy with his beautiful opponent. He gets a in bearhug, then beat on a while with legdrops and elbow smashes. Cowboy is in a lot of pain and the Ironman continues his assault. An amazing rollup wins this. The Ironman looks awesome when he cockily flexes, and the Quebec Cowboy looks just as awesome going down. VERY hot matchup.

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Tag Team Match

Studmuffin and the Quebec Cowboy vs Tarzan and Ironman

Look at these guys. Awesome looking bodies. Awesome looking matchup. Each one of these guys gets twisted up and beat on extensively at some point. No one person dominating throughout about half. The tags are quick, and all these big guys pack it with big power moves. Back and forth it goes. But it's when Ironman lets loose with a double headlock on both Studmuffin and the Cowboy, that's when the dominating begins. They totally pummel the Cowboy, then all for get put the moves on each other all at the same time for most of the end of the match. At one point, Tarzan gets a leg headscissors on Cowboy, who has a figure 4 on Ironman, who has an upside-down sleeper on Studmuffin, and that was at just one point. Ironman dominates the Cowboy nearly putting him out in a sleeper, tosses him aside, then throws a sleeper on Studmuffin, nearly putting him out, then headlocks on both of them. At another point, Studmuffin puts Tarzan in a big sleeper, then the ever-confident Ironman slowly walks over behind Studmuffin, pulls back his head and puts a simultaneous sleeper on him. Awesome. This matchup is nuts. The camera angles are impeccable. All four of these hunks look awesome dishing it out and suffering painfully. The ending is outstanding. And the action is non-stop from the start. You will be sure to want to see this one over and over and over again.

This over twenty minute match features some rough and tumble pro-wrestling. PWP can only show you a few of the highlights...


Ironman and Tarzan



Québec Cowboy and Studmuffin.

 The match begins with the Cowboy and the Studmuffin...

 ...humiliating their opponents.

 Ironman gets upset at the abuse the Cowboy and Studmuffin have dished out on his he takes the two on...

 ...and its the beginning of the end for the two hapless opponents as, first, its Tarzan's turn to help himself to a little Cowboy ...with a little help from his 'friend'... you want to double team, eh... well try this on for size.

Once on the mat, Ironman and Tarzan put their hapless opponents to rest...

 ...but winning the match means, winner takes all, so the two toy with their 'opponents'...

 ...and have a little fun at their expense!