PWP Wrestling presents


the Matches 

 Match 1

Tarzan vs the Québec Cowboy

 Match 2

Ironman vs Studmuffin

 Match 3

Tarzan vs Studmuffin

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 Match 4

 Ironman vs the Quebec Cowboy

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 Tag Team Match

Studmuffin and the Quebec Cowboy vs Tarzan and Ironman 

Pain and Punishment 

Match #1

2 out of 3 Falls

'Tarzan' Jeff Jaxx vs 'Québec Cowboy'

Lots of tests of strength between these two hunks as each tries to dominate the other. Tarzan, with his long sexy hair, seems to get the hunky Cowboy slowed down first. But don't count him out. He gets Tarzan in equally as much trouble. A solid sleeper is the deciding hold in the first fall.

Tarzan finds out that his opponent isn't such a slouch. The Quebec Cowboy, looks awesome. His body is hairy and quite well muscled. And he gets Tarzan to yell in pain more than once. A big headlock, lots of hard hits, a solid full nelson, body slam, figure 4 and other awesome holds await the much annoyed Tarzan, as he is slowly worked over by the hot Cowboy. It's fun to watch this fall, and the domination of the hunky Tarzan.

In the third, the Cowboy continues his assault on Tarzan, but Tarzan soon shows him that he too is tough. These two are very equally matched in talent and strength. Tarzan gets mean, and Cowboy quickly suffers. He gets a solid bearhug as his tailbone is slammed against Tarzan's knee. Then a headlock has him staggering. Tarzan toys with and beats on his muscled opponent, showing him who is boss. The Cowboy is assaulted hard, and looks wonderful going down. This is a very hot matchup. 

 The Cowboy has Tarzan under control...

 ...but Tarzan is soon able to turn the tables on the unsuspecting Cowboy.

 The Cowboy is not one to fool around with...

 ...but neither is the Tarzan.



 In the end of fall #1, Tarzan shows the Cowboy who's Boss!

 In Falls 2 and 3 Tarzan appears to have the edge... will have to see for youself who comes up on top.