Nicholas Gets Squashed

Match #1

Nicholas vs Phillippe

Match #2

'Mean' Mario vs Phillippe

Match #3

'Mean' Mario vs Nicholas

Match #4

Jordan vs Phillippe

Match #5

Jordan vs Nicholas


Nicholas vs 'Mean' Mario

NICHOLAS is up to the challenge of the New Mean Mario..

It takes Nicholas a few minutes into the match but he has Mario down on the mat and proceeds to pound his opponent's gut!

But Mario easily escapes and proceeds to weaken his bigger opponent ..

''MEAN' MARIO has to contend with Nicholas's knee to the balls and a choke hold...

Mario soon shows Nicholas who's he camel clutch's, scissors ..


and kicks some nuts of his own...before clamping on a full nelson..

Another kick and its bed time for Nicholas....

''MEAN' MARIO now has two fairly easy victories ...what will Mathieu think of the New Mean Mario?

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