Nicholas Gets Squashed

Match #1

Nicholas vs Phillippe

Match #2

'Mean' Mario vs Phillippe

Match #3

Mario vs Nicholas

Match #4

Jordan vs Phillippe

Match #5

Jordan vs Nicholas


Nicholas vs Jordan

NICHOLAS is much bigger than Jordan so it is no surprise who should win a test of strength.

JORDAN easily escapes and proceeds to bear hug Nicholas..

The bigger Nicholas picks up Jordan off the mat but quickly finds his head trapped inside Jordan's legs..

'A 'low blow' puts Nicholas out of Jordan is free to put the pain and punishment on a fallen Nicholas.

Nicholas manages to choke Jordan and sits on his smaller opponent.

'He gouges Jordan's eyes and school boy pins his opponent...

Jordan will have none of that and once more dominates his bigger man..

.....until its bedtime for Nicholas. Jordan happily lays on top of his easy victim.."Who's next Dan", he asks. "Get me more guys I can play with, eh?"

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