Nicholas Gets Squashed

Match #1

Nicholas vs Phillippe

Match #2

'Mean' Mario vs Phillippe

Match #3

Mario vs Nicholas

Match #4

Jordan vs Phillippe

Match #5

Jordan vs Nicholas


Jordan vs Phillippe

New man Jordan is small but possesses an attitude twice his size. He has trained for MMA but loves to wrestle..

JORDAN has Phillippe down and out on the mat...He loves to inflict punishment and pain...

PHILLIPPE doesn't know what has hit him as he reels from Jordan's devastating attack...

Full nelsons, scissors, knees..Jordan is in COMPLETE CONTROL...When will he decide to finish his opponent???Only he can tell when the time has come for Phillippe to be put out of his misery!

PHILLIPPE keeps suffering with bear hugs....

'and try as he may to escape...Jordan will have none of it!

PHILLIPPE's time has come...

'and Jordan lays contentedly over his easy prey...Who's next, he asks?? Nicholas...HA!!

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